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Our goal is to keep your computer systems and network operating at peak performance so your team can work to its full potential.

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SCW designs, installs, and supports a wide range of technology solutions that exceed expectations while providing our clients with increased performance, security, and profitability.

Services Cycle

A full service technology solutions provider

Our relationships focus on a continuous cycle of consultation, implementation, and support. By helping our clients understand and implement the technology systems that will drive more value to their organization, we become more than just another "IT shop".


We assess your needs, engineer the best technology solution, and present the value of our ideas. From budgeting through staffing and strategic planning, our goal is to help our clients extract maximum value from their technology resources.


With technical goals established, SCW will deploy the systems and solutions that deliver desired results. Whether it's network hardware installations or cloud computing, we makes technology work for our clients.


In order to reap full value from our solutions, it must be maintained and kept effective and efficient. SCW maximizes uptime through proactive management of your technology and provides on-demand support when you need it.

Managed IT
Managed IT

Managed IT Services

24 hours of every day, we maintain your network, security services, IP telephony, and much more. Plus, we ensure that your technologies meet compliance and regulatory standards.

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Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies

By the end of 2014, more than 60% of server workloads will be performed in the cloud, saving money and increasing performance for businesses and their users.

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Cloud Technologies
Reactive Support

Reactive Support

We proudly recognize that many of our most rewarding client relationships started with a single problem met with an SCW solution.

Reactive Support
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Our commitment to win your business starts with a conversation. We are ready and we are listening.